Custom Web Development

“Custom development that caters to your specific needs and objectives!”

As a business owner, you know exactly what does your business require. If that requirement is not properly transformed into your website, it can be frustrating for you. At Innolytic Solutions, we work to ensure that we do not deliver cookie cutter projects. We believe that every business is unique and we strive to develop fully customised web solutions. Instead of relying on templates and plug-ins, we develop a unique, reliable, secure and user-friendly website for you. Whether you simply need a website or a web application to automate your business processes, we are the best technology partner for you.


Flexible and Reliable Agile methodology with

Scrum Framework

At Innolytic Solutions, we follow agile methodology for development. This is an iterative development process that uses Scrum framework for managing a process. By using this method of development, we ensure collaboration of requirements and solutions at each stage of development. Agile scrum improves visibility and transparency within the project and helps in giving successful delivery. It saves times and efforts, both for us and our clients. We have been able to achieve wonders using the Agile Scrum methodology. Work with us on one project and even you will start believing the same.

Along with website development, Innolytic Solutions is also an expert in development of web applications and portals. If you are wondering whether development of a portal or web app is the right decision for your business or not, talk to our development experts. We will give you the right advice on development. We specialise in development of portals and web apps across a number of technologies including angular and mean stack.

There are several benefits of using Angular and MEAN stack for development including –

  • Easy to lean platforms
  • Open source
  • Provides quality user interface and experience
  • Projects have better usability and faster speed
  • Flexible structure to scale the project any time
  • High cost effective and efficient


If you already have technology in mind for your project, let us know. We will provide you our opinion on the same and then decide what is best for the project. Trust us for any kind of custom web development project!