Digital Marketing

“If your business is not on the Internet, then your business will be out of business”

The power of Internet and its influence on businesses worldwide cannot be ignored. No business, big or small, national or local, can afford to stay away from the online world. Digital marketing service is an evolving field with a lot of techniques and services. Different aspects of this marketing require different skills and expertise. At Innolytic Solutions, we have an entire digital marketing team to handle all the online marketing needs of your business.


Digital marketing services can be divided into two parts –

  • Organic
  • Paid

Organic digital marketing consists of techniques like Search engine optimisation, social media optimisation and more. These techniques work to bring visitors naturally to your website or store over time. It does not involve any paid advertisements, boost posts or paid links. Organic marketing is not a quick fix; you need to have patience to bring results naturally.

Paid marketing techniques consist of Google Ads, Facebook Ad campaigns and more. Different platforms have varying methods of ads, their budgeting and process of running campaigns. We have specialists in paid marketing methods and they will devise custom advertising strategies for your business.

Depending on your marketing objectives and competition, we will suggest whether you should go for organic, paid or a mix bag of techniques. In case you are a product based business and sell your products through Amazon, we would recommend paid ads on Amazon. We have devised rewarding result-oriented Amazon ppc campaigns for our clients and they have been quite satisfying.

Digital marketing is a broad term with a lot of ways and techniques. A rewarding digital marketing strategy needs to have the right balance of all these essential ingredients.

Digital marketing is quite different compared to traditional marketing. So, let our experts handle it. Come to us with your marketing objectives and we will be your digital marketing partner!