Mobile App Development

“90 percent of mobile users keep their phones within 3 feet of themselves, at all times”

Are you also within this distance from your prospective customers? With increasing dependence on mobile devices, mobile applications have seen a tremendous boost. From games to shopping, bill payment to social networking, there are apps for almost everything. So what do you need to do to access benefits of this digital trend? Well, you need a mobile application to reach your customers. Building a mobile app has become a priority, but the bigger challenge is getting the right developer for app development. Innolytic Solutions has a team of app developers and designers that you can trust with your app idea.


App development is mostly done for 2 platforms –

  • iOS
  • Android

We are a leading iOS app development company. Our rock solid code reflects the quality that iOS apps are popular for.  Our iOS app developers have worked on hundreds of apps for iPhone, iPad and more. Our native mobile apps are result driven solutions to your app ideas. We have developed app solutions for businesses across different verticals. From the user experience to app features, we will discuss the prototypes, architecture and other details with you. Our team is well versed with the latest iOS app development practices and design trends.

If you are looking for high quality interactive mobile apps for Android phones, our team can help you out. Come and discuss your ideas with us, and we will help turn them into a real, functioning Android app. We know that there is a large array of Android devices in the market. We also know that along with the user base of Android, the number of Android supported phones also continue to increase each day. Our Android apps work smoothly across all devices, irrespective of the brand or model. We develop apps that perform flawlessly and provide the ultimate user experience.

When enquiring about app development, you must have often come across the term hybrid app development. Don’t let it confuse you! We will not only tell you the difference between native and hybrid apps, but also help you choose which one is best for your business. We have a team specialising in hybrid app development. So, if your requirement is hybrid app development, we have the expert people for the task.

At Innolytic Solutions, we believe that app development is a process. It starts with the inception of app idea and ends with customer experience. We will need your feedback and thoughts at every stage of this process. Let’s work together to turns your app idea into reality.